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Early Years Education

Children who have access to high quality education in their Early Years develop much better social, emotional and thinking skills. The City School therefore aims to always increase and sustain the quality of Early Years opportunities so children are more able to fulfil their potential.

Our carefully planned curriculum provides teachers with a framework for interacting with children, planning their lessons, and assessing and monitoring child’s learning.

Our teachers enjoy developing young children and constantly reflect and re-evaluate all that they do. Children are individuals with feelings, ideas and a vast imagination, so we nurture and develop them physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

Our Early Years Education EYE is about three things:

  • The child
  • The context and environment in which learning takes place
  • The child’s knowledge and understanding.

Children in our Early Years learn by playing and exploring, and through creative activities that develop their critical thinking abilities. The Early Years education approach employs teaching practices that aid the holistic development of the child through:

  • High levels of academic content
  • Appropriate learning environment and tools
  • A consistent daily routine
  • Effective and appropriate teaching practices

The seven areas of learning and development are interconnected and shape our educational programmers in our Early Years settings.


In our Early Years setting, children build the foundations for language and learning as they develop their speaking and listening skills.


We provide strategies and encouragement to help children play fairly and safely and cultivate their understanding and empathy towards others. We all know it is vitally imperative that young children are helped to learn the social skills needed to interact positively and to form good relationships.


Physical development increases body movement, flexibility and provides experiences for children to be active in the environment, promotes their growth, their confidence and awareness of how to move precisely.